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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

In Ezo Machinery Co.,Ltd, protection thinks the personal information of the customer to be important and wrestles.

We do collection, the use of appropriate personal information, an offer, trust.

It collects personal information against intention of the person said and, as for use, offer, depositing it, it is for an injustice and will lose the trust as the company.

Therefore We stipulate management rules such as collection, the use of the personal information, an offer, the deposition and perform appropriate management of the personal information.

We collect the personal information of a necessary range after having stated a collection purpose, our inquiry window clearly when we collect personal information from a visitor.
There can‘t be the thing that We disclose it and contribute it to the third party without the preclearance of the visitor unless it depends on legal requests. In addition, when We offer the personal information of the visitor to the duties trust point, We oblige the duties trust point to personal information protection by Secret contact and manage it so that duties trust ahead handles personal information appropriately.

We do loss of the personal information, destruction, manipulation, preventive measures against leaks.

The information security such as unjust access measures, virus measures takes measures to prevent loss of the personal information, destruction, manipulation and a leak.

We observe laws and ordinances and other models.

About a privacy policy, We observe laws and ordinances about the personal information including the Personal Information Protection Law and other models and act according to official regulations in the company. In addition, We carry out education, enlightenment to the employee including the officer.

We do improvement to continue compliance program of the personal information protection.

We devise compliance program about the personal information protection and carry it out and maintain it and perform continuous improvement.

About an introduction and inquiry.

We use the personal information of the visitor in the range of the collection purposes that they stated clearly to a visitor beforehand.
In addition, We may introduce information related to our service, product which had a visitor use us by an E-mail or sending thing.
It prevents you from performing a following introduction by contacting the inquiry window of the e-mail address to mention later when it is dispensed with these introductions.

About inquiry of the personal information of the visitor, a correction, the deletion, please inform the inquiry window of the e-mail address to mention later or an inquiry form of the next matter from the said himself after entry.

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